Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mysterious Goings-On

We live in an old house in the foothills–and believe me, we have one mystery after another here.

Our kids and grand-kids all insist the house is haunted, and it very well may be. I have no problem with ghosts, in fact my husband and I enjoy staying in haunted hotels. We stayed in one across from the Alamo (ghosts knocked on doors all night long), on the Queen Mary a couple of times (it is definitely haunted), and Room 17 at the Bella Maggoire Bed and Breakfast in Ventura which is haunted by a prostitute.

In our house doors do open and shut when no one is around to do it. There are also lots of odd sounds–but don’t all old houses do that? Another explanation for odd sounds are named Butch, Sundance and Squeaky–our three house cats.

But the biggest mysteries we have are things that break down at the most inopportune times. Last week, the coldest week of the winter, our gas heater quit. The gas man came out and got it started again, but it soon became apparent we needed a more permanent fix which turned out to be a new pilot igniter. Hubby took care of that after a couple of chilly days.

Next was the lower oven in the stove. Granddaughter tried to bake a cake when it went out. Hubby found the problem, says he can fix it, but the parts are sitting on the counter top. I’m cooking dinner in the crockpot.

Yesterday afternoon when we came home from eating lunch out, we discovered we had no water. None at all. Because we have our own well, we’ve gone through this before and know that someone probably left a faucet or hose running. Turned out to be a hose. Hubby did what he always does in such cases, but it didn’t really fix the problem. Finally, we had water. This morning when we got up–the water ran for a few moments, then quit.

Eeek! I needed a shower, the laundry needed to be done. He told me to try the shower in the new bathroom, said it was on a newer system. Yeah, I got my shower. Plenty of water. Tried the washing machine, water came, then a huge pop of air, then more water. Decided that a big air bubble had caused the second problem with the water. Mystery solved.

Now the phone has lots of static on the line. Is it something wrong at our house–or on the main telephone line?

Frankly, I prefer the kind of mysteries I read and the ones I make-up.



Morgan Mandel said...

Aggravation like that seems to happen in bunches. Hope it's all worked out now.

Morgan Mandel

F. M. Meredith, author said...

We're back on track, at least for awhile.


Jean Henry Mead said...

I don't blame you, Marilyn. We once lived in a house that was haunted and later learned that it had been built on top of an old Indian burial ground. Talk about spooky!