Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost Missed You!

Well, I could claim I was laying in the clues, red herrings, false paths and beefing up my villain, but truth be told, time got away from me. I was editing (pays the bills so I can write) and it’s the time of year I’m getting horses used to pasture, so there you go!

Right now, I’m reading a book I don’t know if it’s a mystery or chick lit – maybe it’s a new genre – chick mystery? There is a mystery involved, although somewhat of a mystery of relationships and the acts they can precipitate, the emotions they can engage and the guilt that trickles down through the years. But it keeps me coming back to find out what happens, and that’s the goal of any writer for her or his reader.

What other cross-genres do we like in mystery – historical mystery, science, legal and sci/fi mysteries. What about paranormal mystery? And one of my favorites – romantic mystery, often known as romantic suspense!

What else can we come up with?

Libby McKinmer
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Morgan Mandel said...

My favorite is romantic suspense, but I also enjoy romantic comedy. Nowadays, there are so many cross genres it's hard to keep track of them.

Morgan Mandel

Christine Duncan said...

I like books about relationships. Although I'm not so sure it's cross genre as character driven, or maybe just doesn't have a name. Mysteries without some insight into another person are just puzzles, but a mystery with an interesting heroine who lets us into her head--that's a good book.