Friday, December 11, 2009

A Writer's Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly,
NaNoWriMo’s gone by golly,
Time to sit by the fire and think,
My writing gene is on the blink.
Mystery plots keep swirling about
Like snow blown from an elephant’s snout,
Grabbing one can really be tough,
You wind up with a bunch of fluff.
Can’t tell the bad guys from the good,
The dames seem mostly made of wood,
Clues supposed to be well hidden
Lie about like who’re you kiddin’?
What to do ere old Santa comes
And finds me with three sets of thumbs?
Grab the keyboard and whack away
Before the roof gets full of sleigh,
Dancer and Prancer, what a sight,
And Rudolph’s nose a big red light.
I’ll pen a draft so fast it streaks
Like stars above the highest peaks,
A Christmas story oh so grim
You won’t believe it’s just a whim,
It’ll give the readers quite a fright,
But still I wish ‘em all GOOD NIGHT!


Beth Terrell said...

Chester, I didn't know you were a poet too.

I enjoyed the poem--and I identify with its sentiment.

Maryann Miller said...

Cute poem, Chester. Could tell you really had fun writing it. One of the nice things about this season of the year, it lets us release the child within and have a lot more fun. I can sense that on a lot of blogs now, and it spreads the excitement.

Chester Campbell said...

I didn't spend much time on it, but I enjoy doing a little whimsy now and then. I came up with the idea for the first several lines while walking at the mall. I had to hurry home and write them down before I forgot.

Jean Henry Mead said...

Loved the poem, Chester.
It's that time of year for fun and good cheer,
not the time to cry in your beer. Oh, heck, I'm not a poet
and I know it. :)

Dana Fredsti said...

That was great fun, Chester!

Anonymous said...

And on that cheerful note ... thanks, Chester, for a bit of fun in this harried windup to a crazy year. You should save it and re-run it every December.

Pat Browning

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas poem tickles me. I'd like permission to include it in a newsletter I edit for our local writers' group.

Chester Campbell said...

Sure, Gay, use it in your newsletter if you like.