Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back From Texas

Randy Rawls

I've just returned from seven delightful days in Texas. Got to see some friends, had Thanksgiving with my daughter and her family in Austin, did a TV interview in Kerrville a signing in Georgetown, bought a new hat in Bryan, and enjoyed the Texas landscape. Time well spent.

As anyone who knows me is aware, I'm a devoted Texan at heart. I tell folks it's because I grew up as part of the John Wayne generation. Big John was all over the place, putting bad men away. And, of course, in almost every movie was that glorious western background. Yeah, I know much of it was filmed outside Texas, but, for me, it was everything I imagined Texas to be.

I fit the mold of the non-Texan who was not born there, but got there as fast as I could. Then, I moved away, moved to the warm weather of South Florida. Last Monday morning reminded me I made a pretty good decision. A November freeze descended on Austin. Brr. This country-boy was not warm, nor was he happy. And, while it wasn't quite as cold on Tuesday (the day I left), it was close enough to make me yearn for Florida.

Folks in the airport at Fort Lauderdale gave me some funny looks when I walked through the terminal in long pants and a heavy leather jacket. I just smiled at them, knowing it had felt darn good that morning.

So, I'm home again—and warm again—but I already miss Texas. I can hardly wait for my next trip. Maybe I'll wait till Spring though.

To my good Texas friends, Sylvia Dickey Smith (WORLD OF HER OWN) and
Earl Staggs (MEMORY OF A MURDER), I say enjoy being Texans. But keep your warm clothes nearby.

Just sign me "A Texan at Heart Living in the Warm Paradise of South

Randy Rawls


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Anonymous said...

For 25 years I was a native Texan living in Utah and Idaho, where I still go to evey summer to escape Texas heat. But like you, I remaind a Texan through and through. My grandmother used to say if someone wasn't born in Texas, they didn't deserve to be.

Pat Bean,

Morgan Mandel said...

I enjoy the change of seasons in Illinois, that is, until it turns zero, or I have to walk through piles of snow and ice!

Morgan Mandel

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Randy Rawls said...

There are days when inventing the next solar energy breakthrough is easier than replying to the comments on this blog. This is one of those days. So, once again, let me try to say thanks for your comments. But when it comes to cold weather anyplace, I've had enough, so I'm going to stick to South Florida until Spring.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

It's might cold in my part of California right now too. Good to see you, Randy!

Bob Sanchez said...

We went to Austin one winter day a few years ago and there'd been rain and sleet. Outside our motel were pansies in full bloom, coated in ice.

My mom grew up in tiny Paige, near Bastrop. Bluebonnets were one of her favorite memories. I've never lived in Texas, but it's a beautiful state.

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