Monday, February 6, 2012

Which Famous People Are Your Book Characters? by Morgan Mandel

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Do you put photos of famous people near your computer to remind you of what your characters look like? Actually, I don't, but today I started imagining which ones would fit the bill for my Fountain of Youth theme, romantic thriller, Forever Young: Blessing or Curse.

For Dorrie Donato, the Boomer Generation widow who turns from 55 to 24, for the older version, I'd choose Holly Hunter,who is close to 55, has warm blond hair and warm brown eyes. Holly seems approachable, yet vulnerable, qualities I want my character to project.

For 24 year old Dorrie, I choose Carrie Underwood. She's young, and fits the description, of blond hair, brown eyes, a pretty face, spectacular figure, spunk and talent. Perfect casting!

Roman Remington, Dorrie's boss, dubbed as the Angel Man in my thriller, is tall, with shoulder length blond hair, appears in commercials and is very charismatic. Immediately, the image of a young Fabio comes to mind.

What about you? Which Famous People Are Your Book Characters?

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Donna Yates said...

I think, as writers, we can't help but imagine what actors most fit our characters, and by doing that we do help define our characters.

Morgan Mandel said...

True. For my first book, Two Wrongs, he two main characters I pictured were Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Well, you can tell that book was started a long time ago!

Morgan Mandel

varad keni said...

i aggree with that ....

Mark Troy said...

For Val Lyon, my main character in the Game Face stories, I think of pro-volleyball player Misti May Treanor or pro-basketball player Sue Bird.