Thursday, March 7, 2013

Randy"s New Cover

                                                                 By Randy Rawls

Well, since my good friend (until he sees my cover), Earl Staggs is touting the cover of his soon-to-be blockbuster, JUSTIFIED ACTION, I thought I'd take the opportunity and introduce BEST DEFENSE. I received the cover art a few days ago and was WOW'd by it. As you'll see, Midnight Ink (and I agree) believes in bright colors. They did it on my first Beth Bowman mystery—HOT ROCKS—and have done it again.

But the colors, as much as I appreciate them, aren't what knocked my socks off (cliché alert). It was the symbolism. You see, the story is about the kidnapping of a five-year-old girl. Beth is hired to find and rescue her. The father tells Beth money is no object, he'll pay anything; just bring his daughter home alive. Of course, the struggle immediately begins between the father, Beth, and the police, whose goal is to capture the perpetrators.

When I saw the cover, it was obvious the designer had read (or read enough) of the story to understand it. In this world of cookie-cutter copies of any and everything, that impressed me. The symbolism of the doll outweighing the stack of money is right-on with my story. So, while I think Earl's cover is really good (way to go, Earl), mine is better. Darn shame BEST DEFENSE won't be out until sometime in the Fall. Oh, Midnight Ink also selected the title.


Susan said...

Cool cover, Randy!

Jean Henry Mead said...

Nice cover, Randy. Cant wait to read the book.

Randy Rawls said...

Thanks, Susan.

Randy Rawls said...

Thanks, Jean. And I DO hope you read it.

Earl Staggs said...

Well, Randy, I'm sorry I'm week late responding. I've been busy promoting the book with the World's Greatest Cover (based on a poll taken at my house).

I must admit, your cover is excellent. Well done. I'll rate it as the World's Second Greatest Cover (based on a poll taken in my car on the way to Walmart with my wife).

In all honesty, I'll stick to my claim that my protag, Tall Chambers, could take your Beth in a fair fight.

Uh, Beth does fight fair, doesn't she?