Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Writing out of Season

I like writing short stories.  They give me a break from the longer projects and a way to feel like I’m accomplishing something, even when my WIP won’t move out of the muddled middle.

The problem with writing (and submitting) shorts, is the one’s I’m writing now, in the dead of winter, will be considered for publication in mid-summer. Instead of focusing on the snow that’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow and keep me from driving to the day job, I have to be thinking of fun, sun, and maybe a little sand.

My feet are freezing even in my heavy socks and winter boots. The thought of flip flops makes me shiver.

But my character needs to be in shorts and a t-shirt, ready to run into the surf at a moment’s notice. Or enjoying a warm summer night with the new love of her life.  Not cuddled in sweats and blankets watching movies, baking brownies, and whipping up a new soup. (Stuffed Green Pepper soup is a-maz-ing – by the way.)

If I was more organized, I’d write winter stories in the winter and summer stories in the summer and just hold off submitting.  My fear is I’d never submit because I’d lose the story or, worse, totally forget about it.

Instead, I’m firing up the barbecue under the carport and drinking a frozen margarita tonight. 

I’ll be back after my fingers unfreeze.

What about you – do you read out of season? Are you devouring hot summer romances while the wind drifts the snow outside your door? 


Small town Shawnee isn't where Cash Dillon planned on spending his vacation, even after his short reunion with June Palmer, the girl who got away in high school. But Cash learns sometimes, living in the moment, isn't half bad.

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Barry Knister said...

Am I the only reader who wants to read about snow when it's hot and the tropics when it's cold? I don't think so.

Morgan Mandel said...

I gave to admit I don't pay much attention to the current season when I write. Whatever seems right for the story works for me. In some of my books, more than one season is encompassed.

Lynn Cahoon said...

Barry - I love reading about warmer climates during these chilly day's, -It's just hard to write them. :)

Morgan - Sounds like you're lost in your story when you write in a good way!

Megan Kelly said...

Readers don't care as long as the story is good. As Barry said, it's a nice escape. Writers, on the other hand, immerse themselves in every aspect of the book. So, drink up and play some summer music. In the spirit of friendship, I'll go find my rum bottle...

Lynn Cahoon said...

Thanks for the solidarity Megan. Megan? You there? Or are you the one asleep in the hammock? Evils of rum. :)