Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My favorite time of year and my favorite holiday. It will be a quiet Halloween, watching horror movies with Dave and our friends...pasta shaped like jack-o-lanterns for food, Zombie Zinfandel for wine. I have a spooky skull shaped candy bowl which, if you press the nose, releases a skeletal hand to scrabble in the candy and attack anyone reaching for a piece. This is just in case we have any trick-or-treaters. We probably won't, if last year is any indication...but I can use it on my friends too.
I enjoyed reading the other Halloween posts today about trick-or-treating experiences when kids used to actually go house to house rather than group together at malls or schools for supervised, 'safe' trick-or-treating. There's something comforting about hanging out (even in cyber space) people who share similar memories and experiences. I will be raising a glass of my Zombie Zinfandel in all of your honors tonight, fellow Make Mine Mystery writers!


Anne Carter said...

Zombie Zin? I love it! What movies will you watch? What's scary to you? We (my family and I) were just discussing what was scary 30 years ago may not make a blip on today's fear-o-meter. Of course, different things scare different people (I'm sure you've heard Stephen King talk about how he mines for average folks' fears.)

My sons love Japanese horror. I can't name the names, because I'm just not in the know. I like a good suspense where you slam your hands over your eyes when they kick the door open on some heinous crime scene.

I also like scifi horror.

Dana Fredsti said...

Hmmm..tonight we're watching Zombie Strippers (which will be more campy than scary) and I want to watch Fright Night and the original Halloween, which was, at the time, a scary film. And still holds up well under the test of time. THE GRUDGE is the only movie that's really given me the creeps after the fact, one of your sons' Japanese horror movies. A lot of the ones that followed it aren't scary because they're using the same gimmick over and over again - scary dead women and children with white skin, hollowed eyes and lots of black hair.

I love most Sci Fi/horror and suspense... not torture porn, though!

Oh, and Stephen King's old stuff scared me a lot (THE SHINING, for instance) because he really does nail the average person's fears.

Jean Henry Mead said...

Happy Halloween! Since you love the holiday, I thought you might be interested in my history of Halloween and the strange customs around the world:

Morgan Mandel said...

I always liked the places that gave me money, so if any kinds make it to our door, I give them coins.

Hubby says there's lots of sports on tonight he wants to watch. I could watch TV in the other room, but then again, I could get caught up so I'm ready for NaNoWriMo.

Morgan Mandel