Sunday, March 1, 2009

When Other People Say It Better...

Part of writing is marketing and publicity. I know that. I spend a fair amount of time working the internet social networking sites(although not nearly as much time as I'm told I SHOULD spend), doing library panels and other author events, and reading other people's advice on how to further promote my works and writing career. Like everything else in life, it's a balancing act of time and energy spent in the right areas..and for this post, I've found a clever way to balance out my need to work on my latest WIP (due May 1st) and deliver my Make Mine Mystery Post.

It's LINK time!

Aside from my impending deadline, my excuse for referring you to other sites today is whenever I read well-thought out articles on publishing and marketing strategy, written so much better than I could ever write it, I feel like Ralph on the Simpsons, with nothing to add to the discussion beyond, "My cat's name is Mittens!" Which won't get anyone very far in terms of sensible marketing advice, will it?

Sia McKye has a fantastic post on the realities of getting published and POD publishers at her blog.

Pat Bertram of Book Marketing Floozy has a guest post by Edward Talbot about marketing, publicity and promotion, as well as some great links within this post.

Links within links within links, like a picture of a never-ending reflection. It's both the wonderful and addictive thing about the Internet - you can fall in and get lost in an endless scavenger hunt of information. And with that thought, I am now going to quit Firefox for the day (okay, the hour) and get back to work on my WIP!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Posting links is fine - I do that at least once a week at my blog as well. Sometimes all we can do is just agree!

L. Diane Wolfe

Jean Henry Mead said...

Dana, I agree about social networking. You gotta do it. And don't forget Mysterious People, where you'll find lots of good advice from mystery/suspense/thriller/crime novelists:

Dana Fredsti said...

D'oh! My first comment didn't take.

Anyway, I need to be better about posting good links (and not just because I'm short on time to write!), so I'm glad it's considered good form to do so. And Jean, I LOVE Mysterious People!

Morgan Mandel said...

Great idea to broaden our education. Always something new to learn.

Morgan Mandel

Mark Troy said...

The Sia McKye article is excellent. Please post more like that.

Dana Fredsti said...

Mark, I'll be sure and convey your compliment to Sia. Thanks!

Morgan, it both encourages and discourages me when I realize how much there is to learn about publishing/marketing and everything else!