Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Woman in Black

I love spooky movies. I used to love what they are now calling horror flicks, but nowadays they tend to be far too gory.  My leanings are now toward movies with a touch of the supernatural and haunted houses and ghosts are definitely my favorites.

When I heard about "The Woman in Black" it sounded like the perfect movie for me. My husband, not so much. When he asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day I told him I want to go see "The Woman in Black."

It had everything I hoped for. Yes, there's a haunted house. A wonderful haunted house, deserted, neglected, isolated, one I would have loved to explore. A door here and there was locked and then suddenly gaping open. Strange noises abounded in what was supposed to be a deserted abode. A glimpse of a face at the window, a scepter lurking in the family graveyard, children who seemed compelled to do horrendous things, and the hero, a widower with a child all added up to the perfect movie--for me.

Unfortunately, it put my husband to sleep. I would've just let him sleep, but he snores way too loud. A slight poke wakes him up quite nicely. Once things livened up in the movie enough to make the teenage girls in the movie scream, and other young viewers to holler out things like, "I hate that lady," he managed to stay awake.

I hope this helps you decide whether or not The Woman in Black is a movie you'd enjoy.



Akum said...

Doesn't sound like a movie i would enjoy

Helen Ginger said...

I probably wouldn't go to it. I'm not a fan of getting scared or seeing gory movies (or even scary ones). When my now husband and I were dating, we went to see a movie (I think it was called Last House on the Left or something like that). It was so gory that we got up and left within minutes of the start of it.

I'm more into movies that make me laugh or smile.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

You have to be into all things haunted to enjoy this one. Like I said, it was fun. Lots of atmosphere.

I need to read the book and see how they compare.


Morgan Mandel said...

Well, the fact he fell asleep might just be he's getting old like me. I get all comfortable on the couch to watch a really good movie, and end up falling asleep anyway. A darkened movie theater is an invitation to falling asleep as well, but I don't get out to the movies that often anymore.

Morgan Mandel