Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Write, Right...When?

In these days of ever increasing demands on our time through the summer vacation time when kids are out of school, where do we find time to write? By the time I check email, answer the ones that need answering and check the day’s headlines, follow my favorite blogs and get some calls returned….it’s time to do some promo. Need to post on Twitter and Facebook, Goodreads and Linked In, and don’t go looking at others’ pages, if I can resist.

In between are household responsibilities and friends, volunteer work and bill-paying. And don’t forget the day job – in my case, editing. You may have a longer commute than I do – from kitchen to office – but I often work outside of “regular” 9 to 5 hours, finding myself at the computer late at night.

Right now, we must include summer holidays and cottage get-togethers, shopping and travel as well and build them into our schedules. Don’t even think about the down time of getting a cold or allergies!!

So, when does your writing Muse strike in the midst of the hectic life? Mine has been prodding at me a lot lately…and at times I can’t always indulge the urge. For me, the best time to write is at night. Everyone else is settled down and it’s “my” time. Add to the fact I’m a night owl and it makes sense. How about you – when do you write?

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sandy gardner said...

it has to be afternoon for me to write. I am definitely not a morning person-- never have been. So I do various exercise classes, etc., in the mornings. And I make sure that I make time for writing in the afternoon, five days a week-- treating it like a day job. I made a NY resolution in January that I'd write every weekday -- so I'm now more than 50,000 words into the second book in my mystery series.
Sandy Gardner

Marian L said...

I write all day. My daily goal is 2,500. If I don't make it I add on to my goal for the next day. It takes discipline to stay on track.

Libby McKinmer said...

You are both very dedicated writers! I've tried setting word count goals, too, and that does keep me motivated. Kind of like a marker and you feel good on the days you surpass it.


Morgan Mandel said...

I'm fortunate enough to be retired now, but unfortunately still can't seem to find enough time to write!

It's especially difficult this time of year when the dog wants to be outside in the yard and I'm afraid to let her stay out alone.

The husband wants to go to festivals and concerts, the house always needs something done inside, I spend too much time with technical support, the list goes on and on.

That's an author's life I guess.

Morgan Mandel