Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Talent or Determination?

As I’m writing this, the weather outside is in the single digits and I’m stuck at home due to snow covered roads. Bad news is I have a lot of work to do at the day job that’s not getting done. Good news is I have heat, food, and a lot to do in my other life as a writer. 

Like this blog.

I’m not sure I ever loved the snow. When I lived in Idaho after my divorce, I took time to learn to cross country ski. Thirty minutes out of Boise, there was a small ski lodge with both downhill and cross-country trails. I loved spending Saturday mornings on the mountain, lost in my own world fighting through the fear. All I could hear was my own heavy breathing as I trudged the trail, going a little farther with each trip.

Was I an expert? No. In fact, going down little hills on the trail scared me. Most times when I felt out of control, I forced myself to fall over, stopping my descent. You’d be surprised how hard snow can be after a few warm days of sun and a few nights of freeze. It might look soft, instead, it was rock hard.

However, I got up each time I fell and then I kept going. With each trip, I gained confidence and strength. I started to believe in my ability not only to ski, but to succeed in other areas of my life. 

I wasn't an athlete in school. I dabbled in junior high but never had the confidence to try out for a team after that thinking I wasn't good enough. I was right, I wasn't. Not because I didn't have the ability, but because I didn't try.

Work, persistence, and determination three things anyone needs to succeed. Probably even more than talent.  
Speaking of persistence, how are your goals progressing?


Morgan Mandel said...

Well, this weather has made me grateful for the small things in life. As you mentioned, it's wonderful to have water, food, heat and electric power at our disposal, not to mention computers, TVs and microwaves!

I'm getting more done writing than I normally would, also, since I don't go out as much.

Morgan Mandel

Lynn Cahoon said...

Morgan, I guess Atlanta's getting snow today. 1 inch and everyone I talked to is freaking. :)

Yay on more writing.

Kathleen Kaska said...

I love you post, Lynn. You said so much that hit home with me. I've always believed in persistence and hard work and in those two qualities hopefully some talent emerged.