Friday, October 31, 2008

Adult Trick or Treaters

These are members of our household getting ready to head out to a Halloween party. Chris is in the jumpsuit, grandson who lives with us. Holly lives next door in our rental with the others, she granddaughter Jessi, the next girl, Elaina is my daughter-in-law and the creature on the end is my youngest son.

This is what they're supposed to be: prisoner, Playboy Bunny though she's mostly covered up with her jacket, police officer--though I've never seen one before with a garter (her boyfriend, not in the pic is also a prisoner--the black and white striped variety), female boxer, note the pink boxing gloves and pink robe--covering a most sexy outfit, Gladiator--and he really looks scary.

Happy Halloween and I'm glad I'm staying home!

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Morgan Mandel said...

That's a riot!
My husband paraded around our town with the dog this afternoon with a choir robe costume. I guess some things people never outgrow!

Morgan Mandel