Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Writer's New Year's Resolutions

By Mark W. Danielson
Never run out of paper. (It’s okay to run out of ideas.)
Never run out of ink. (It’s okay to run out of energy.)
Never throw a tantrum. (With any witnesses nearby.)
Never call tech support. (No, I really mean that.)
Never miss a blog post. (Unless in critical condition.)
Never miss a deadline. (But it’s okay not to set them.)
Never forget to jot an idea. (A note usually brings it back.)
Never fake facts. (Credibility is at stake.)
Never plagiarize another author’s words. (It’s okay being inspired by them.)
Never whine in public. (It’s okay to sip the beverage.)
Never boast of accomplishments. (People who care already know of them.)
Never speak ill of others. (One day it will haunt you.)
Never doubt your editor. (Doubts mean you have the wrong editor.)
Never send a critical document Priority Mail. (FedEx delivers the world on time.)
Never forget how lucky we are to express our ideas. (Freedom is not universal.)
Never forget to smile and love. (Frowning takes more effort.)
Happy New Year everyone!


Mason Canyon said...

A wonderful list. Happy New Year.

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Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Good ideas, Thanks a lot.


Mark W. Danielson said...

Thanks Mason, Marilyn. Saw two great movies in two days -- The Fighter and The King's Speech. Both completely different movies, but both involved real acting rather than special effects. The new year is starting out well:)