Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday To Die For Sales

Just wondered how far people would go to get a sales item. Best Buy had shoppers camping out a few nights ago already. It wasn't zero, but it certainly wasn't that warm out at all. Many stores would not allow people to stay in their cars and wait either.

I heard a woman on the radio saying she went out last night to get in line figuring she'd be first, but there already was a line happening.

Online shopping, which was supposed to be so great, was miserable at Carson's today. I gave up on them and went to Amazon instead and used up one of my Amazon gift certificates.

Anyway, I just wondered if there have ever been any fights or murders over people stealing other people's items from carts or cutting in line on Black Friday.

Hmm, what about a mystery about a woman who sets off for some Black Friday purchases and disappears?

Anyone else have any ideas?


Christine Duncan said...

I was in line in front of Office Depot today at 4:30 a.m., waiting for them to open so I could buy a laptop, when the police drove up sirens blaring, lights flashing. Someone in the line ahead of me called them because someone cut in front of them. It was incredible. But no mystery--some of those folks had been there since 11:00 Thanksgiving night and it was cold (we live in Colorado) and they were tired and hungry. I did read about someone at Wal-mart who died about being knocked down by the crowd, poor soul.
Oh, and the laptop? The coupons for the big deal ran out 2 customers in front of me. Sigh. But I did score 2 free lift tickets for snowboarding for my kids later in the morning. So I was satisfied.

Jean Henry Mead said...

I wouldn't attend Black Friday for all the tea in, well, you know. My Christmas shopping is done. I caught an online sale for ebook readers and books, so all I have to do now is put up the Christmas tree. :)

Morgan Mandel said...

Depends on where you go online,because Carsons was the pits today and I gave up there and went to Amazon instead.

Morgan Mandel

Dana Fredsti said...

I have only gone out shopping once on Black Friday at the insistence of my husband several years ago. NEVER AGAIN. I don't need to buy anything that badly.

Morgan Mandel said...

My prediction came true. There was a shoppers shootout in California on Black Friday.

Morgan Mandel

Anne Carter said...

Call me crazy, but I go every year with my sister and niece (and this year, my daughter). We meet at 7 am and park near Sears automotive at our mall (not many people park there). We always go to Bath & Body Works and stock up on lotions, candles, smelly-sudsy stuff and we combine our purchases in order to get the good specials.

Then we just kind of stroll around the mall, we walk through Penney's, stop at Starbucks, Hallmark, and we chat as we walk. It's the one time of year we sisters have together, despite the chaos and carnage going on around us (actually we never see anything unusual; long lines at a few places is about it.)

This year I snagged a pair of Guitar Hero boxers for my son and wallet for the hubby, and a $70 set of flannel sheets for $20!

So it's not all the train wreck it's made out to be on TV. Not everywhere, anyway!