Friday, November 14, 2008

Mad at Word

I hate Word. I learned how to use a word processing program with Wordstar, later switching to Word Perfect. Word Perfect does everything I need it to, and I don't have to fight with it.

However, my publishers all want my manuscripts submitted in Word. So I bit the bullet and purchased the program. I'm even writing my novels on Word--not liking it, but it's better than writing in Word Perfect then having to transfer it to Word.

I also do program designs for people wanting to go into the residential care business. Today I was doing one for someone who is going to have a facility for people over 60 who also have developmental disabilities. The writing is easy because I've done so many. What I had trouble with was the page numbering.

Some pages had the same numbers, others jumped around. No matter what I did, I couldn't make it do what it was supposed to.

I was so angry and the program and myself--and I had to warn my husband to just stay away from me. I had an appointment in town I had to go to and decided maybe time away from the computer might be a good thing.

When I returned, I removed all the page numbers. Using the directions in HELP, what I did should have removed all the numbers, instead it only did one. I had to do each one for about ten pages and then miracle of miracles, finally they all disappeared.

I went back in and did what you have to do for the pages to be numbered. It worked fine all except for one page had the wrong number. By this time I was afraid to fool with it anymore, so changed that number by hand. Yes, it looks tacky, but by this time I'd had it. (My family too, who were all smart enough to tiptoe around me.)

The project is done and ready for mailing. Hopefully, the next time I have to do one of these program designs the numbering will work like it's supposed to.

Working with Word is always a big mystery to me.



Dana Fredsti said...

Word used to be such a user friendly program, but each upgrade they do makes it more convoluted and obscure. Drives me crazy when I have to dig and dig to find out how to do things like take the 'make each word in a new line capped!' function off... YOu have my sympathies!

Marilyn said...

Dana, I love your name--that's the name I gave my eldest daughter.

I'd never heard of it for a female until I read about a Russian Olympic figure skater named Dana. (Of course, way back in my time, there was the male actor, Dana Andrews.)

Now I think there are more female Danas than male.