Thursday, November 27, 2008


I've been spending the week, like most other wives and mothers here in the States thinking about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, as Andy Rooney recently reminded us all on Sixty Minutes, is in danger of being swallowed up by the commercialization of Christmas. That would be a shame because what other day takes us back to Norman Rockwell's America, where we get to fight with our siblings (of whatever age) over who gets the wishbone, look at old family photos, and remember Grandmom and Granddad, God rest their souls? What other day are you expected to eat until you can't anymore and then do nothing else except, of course, the dishes? What other day is set aside for us to appreciate all that we have? Despite the current economic downturn, I know that I have a lot. And since this post will be published Thursday, and since I like the holiday so much I set my second book, Safe House at Thanksgiving, I thought I'd ask you about Thanksgiving mysteries.

I am one of those readers who likes to read books to put me in the mood. If I am going back East, I might read a book set there. If it's the holidays, I try to read something set at that time of year. Thank God for They've figured out that there are folks like me, and they have lists of books for each holiday. A quick survey of their Thanksgiving mystery list produced a couple that I've read and enjoyed. If you haven't read, Margaret Maron's Up Jumps the Devil, I highly recommend it and anything else that woman has written. I also enjoyed Jeanne M Dams' Sins Out of School, and Leslie Meier's Turkey Day Murders.

I'd love to hear some recommendations from you. So before you go out for those Black Friday sales, (another holiday tradition I thoroughly approve of) sit down with a cup of coffee and tell us all your favorite holiday mysteries.


Jean Henry Mead said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Christine. Although I'm stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie, I'm grateful for a lot of things and the ability to read and write are some of them. Thanks for reminding me that there are books especially written for this time of year.

Morgan Mandel said...

I can't think of any Thanksgiving mysteries, but there must be some out there.

I'm already back from Black Friday sales with not much success.

Morgan Mandel

Dana Fredsti said...

It's funny - I can't think of any specific titles, but I also love mysteries with holiday themes... especially ones with lots of food descriptions!