Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vampire Posts Extravaganza

Hi, "Make Mine Mystery" readers!

I want to thank Morgan Mandel for inviting me to be part of the writer's team here at M3. I am more of a spiritual/inspirational author, but a BIG lover of and a well-read fan of the mystery book genre, so hopefully my input here will be of some benefit and entertainment for all concerned. I am also working on a new novel that is a comedic detective whodunit with soft underlying spiritual messages, so there is some nifty overlap between the genres in that work. More on that as the work draws toward publication.

Yesterday was of course Halloween. If you'd like to get your belated fill of lots of really great and creative Halloween and vampire posts, many of which you may not have been aware of, try bopping over to this post at My Friend Amy's Blog. Amy is a marvelous marketing blogging socialite maven and she started this wonderful literary holiday Halloween festival. Great stuff.

Also, if you missed my entry in the frolicking fanged-creature fray, you can read my original vampire story I wrote and posted yesterday by clicking on its title below. It's an example of the cross-over genre novel I'm working on that I mentioned above, with the main character featured, in the rollicking, ghoulish, frightful and funny story-

Detective Snoop and the Case of the Selfish Thirsty Vampire.

That's it from Transvestite today. Enjoy! I gotta jet.

Marvin D Wilson, author of:
I ROMANCED THE STONE(Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie)
OWEN FIDDLER (A Modern Day Parable)


Morgan Mandel said...

M3 - I like that nickname, Marvin!

Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

Thanks Morgan. You are M2 (mighty enough, smile) and this blog is M to the third power! LOL

Stanley Berber said...

Hi - first time here, followed over here from Free Spirit blog. Big fan of Marv's books and blog. That vampire story is WAY cool, btw.

Nice blog - I'll be back!

Jean Henry Mead said...

Mystery with a spiritual overlay. Now that's a new subgenre, isn't it, Marvin? I can't keep track of all the different categories of mysteries, anymore. But I'm enchanted with your new sleuth. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Jean - yeah I'm having too much fun with this Detective Snoop guy - lol. I like cross-over genres cuz lots of secular readers don't like to read "Christian" books because they feel like they are being preached at. Just my way of delivering spiritual messages in ways that are catchy and entertaining to all folks.

Dana Fredsti said...

MM! or MM3 as I will now call you.. Good to have you here!

Mark said...

Hey Marvin

Great story. I hope we get more of Snoop.