Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Biggest Mystery in My Life

Right now the biggest mystery is how to find the time to do all that I need to do. I know that others have the same problem.

Of course some days are more frustrating than others, but I've had quite a few of those days lately.

Maybe when someone reaches the age I am, she ought not to be writing two mystery series every year. That probably would be so difficult if when I was writing one, I had to be promoting the other.

Times like these I think how nice it would be to have a personal assistant--you know, one who would make sure you weren't interrupted while you were working, and who would take care of the laundry, put dinner in the oven, and see that you had everything packed for you next trip.

Maybe I could get my imaginary personal assistant to write the blogs I've promised and pop into Facebook and Twitter and leave a quick message or two.

My biggest issue right now is I'm in the middle of edits for the next Rocky Bluff P.D. that needs to be sent off to my publisher if it's going to come out after the first of the year. At the same time I'm also busy promoting Dispel the Mist the latest in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series.

We've been traveling nearly every weekend to one place or another for talks or book fairs. That I enjoy, but not all the catch-up I have to do when I get home. I bought a mini-computer so I could do blogs and all the social networking, but I find when I'm away from home and having fun, when I get back to my room I'm too tired to do much computering. (I don't care that the spell-check doesn't like that word, I do.)

Since I'm not willing to give anything up as yet, I guess my mystery will remain unsolved.



Jean Henry Mead said...


I've talked to a number of women writers who have said, "What I need is a wife to do the housework, cooking,laundry, shopping and answer the door and the phone . . . "

Wouldn't it be nice?

Chester Campbell said...

I know where you're coming from, Marilyn. I was gone Friday through Sunday, and I'm still catching up (and haven't gotten back to the book I'm writing, or wish I was). Fortunately, Sarah does the housework, though I share the shopping.

Morgan Mandel said...

If you do ever solve it, let me in on the secret.

Morgan Mandel

Michele Emrath said...

I was told it got easier with age...Should I quit now? Just kidding, but if your books are like children (and they better be, b/c writing is sometimes as painful as giving birth!), then isn't it all worth it?
Glad to have found this site via Chester...
Michele Emrath

Michele Emrath said...

correction: http://southerncitymysteries.blogspot.com/


Libby McKinmer said...

What we need is an extra "hidden" hour, like a hidden clue, in every week. We tell no one about it and we use it to clean up all the pesky things that bog us down! Or take a bubble bath if we ever catch up.

Michele Emrath said...

I second that, Libby! But how about more than one? Even if I have to find it (follow the clues!), it'd be worth it!
Michele Emrath

Dana Fredsti said...

Marilyn, I feel your pain. I am so behind on everything... writing, housework, networking, posting, promoting... Aieeee!!!!

I love the word 'computering!'