Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lessons I've Learned From Running by Christine Duncan

I've been a runner for a while now and I've found it taught me some lessons that I can apply to just about anything--but especially writing.
Lesson 1. I really can run one more step (or one more mile) no matter how tired I am. I can write when I'm tired too. It's a choice.
Lesson 2. No one will care if I don't run (or write) but me. The world is not out there watching.
Lesson 3. Whining does not change lesson one or two.

Sometimes, I meet writers who seem to believe that they can only write under ideal conditions. I've met runners like that too. The problem is, I don't think there are any ideal conditions in this world. Or maybe I just missed the line where they passed them out, who knows?

This post may seem like I'm being cranky. Maybe so. But tonight, after a long day of work, bill paying, a five mile run, and a very late supper, the crankiness is directed inward. I need to remember why I write. Because I choose to. And I am the one who will miss it the most if I don't write.

Christine Duncan is the author of the Kaye Berreano mystery series. Safe House, book two of the series, was released in September.


Dana Fredsti said...

I hate running (I reserve it for times I'm being chased by zombies), but I love the analogies between running and writing that you've made. And you're right about being able to write just a LITTLE bit more even when one is tired...although I have fallen asleep over my laptop before. :-)

Mark Troy said...

Good points, Christine. I like to run, too. The lesson I learned from running is that success doesn't require any special talent, it only requires practice. Running success comes from putting miles under your feet and writing success comes from putting hours in front of the computer.

Jean Henry Mead said...

I confine my exercise to the treadmill, bike and trampouline, but I couldn't agree with you more, Christine. Pushing yourself one more step, one more mile, a few more words is what leads to success, whether in writing or life in general.

Morgan Mandel said...

I can walk fast, but if I run, I get out of breath. I do need to lose a little weight, I guess.
Rascal and I see the runners when I walk her in the morning. Some won't break stride and scare the heck out of my dog. I think sometimes running can be addictive - a good and/or bad thing.

Morgan Mandel