Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time to Write

To be honest, it can be difficult to find the time to write – life intrudes, responsibilities call and chores demand. Sometimes writing is crammed into spare moments. Some writers stay up late or get up early, write on their transit ride to work and home, or even carve out small islands of time between loads of laundry, checking homework and paying the bills.

There are no shortcuts to solid storytelling, but there are some helpful tools out there to help make the technical part of writing less of a chore. It’s smart to make use of what we can find to give us more time to tell our stories. Here are a few ideas to check out and see if they would work for your next writing session.
lots of tips, research tips, an online group & forum, glossary of slang, etc
a review of some popular writing software
from software to collaborative documents and more
writing resources specifically for mystery writers
rules for mystery writers

There are lots more resources out there, but this will get you started. Please, add your favorite mystery writer links!

Libby McKinmer
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Ann Elle Altman said...

Cool, thanks for the links.


Dana Fredsti said...

Libby, what a great batch of links! Thank you! Sometimes is just takes a little nudge of inspiration in order to get the writing muscles flexing again...

Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks, Libby.
Great places to turn to if I get stuck writing my mysteries.
Right now I'm tackling my children't dog book again. We'll see what happens on that front.

Morgan Mandel