Monday, December 6, 2010

The Rest of the Story - Progressive Mystery Ending by Morgan Mandel

I want to thank everyone who participated in our Progressive Mystery last week, but all good things must come to an end. The hardest part sometimes is finding the perfect ending for a story.

Here's where we left off:

Here's one ending:

Marilyn frowned as she picked up the mattress with the bed bugs and threw it out the window. That messy business was over with.

So was the other. She'd been so meticulous. She still couldn't believe she'd forgotten to lock the front door and punch in the security code. If she'd done that in the first place. none of this annoying adventure would have taken place. Fortunately, Brandon had now been picked up by the authorities. Her sister's death had driven him over the edge, but Marilyn didn't feel one bit sorry for him or for her. That's what they got for their treachery. She still couldn't believe how they'd snuck around behind her back. As for Humphrey, he'd better not show up again. She'd read up on vampires and knew ways to deal with him.

Sure, she'd lost her identity, but pretending to be her sister was a small price to pay for justice. Tonight she'd sleep on the couch, tomorrow she'd buy a new mattress. Her life would go on, not as Greta, but as Marilyn.

This is one version of the ending, but if you wish to do another, please do so below in the comment section,

Or, maybe you'd like to mention how you came up with the ending of one of your stories, or perhaps share a perfect ending from a different book.


Cynde L. Hammond said...

Here's another possible ending:

Marilyn frowned to herself as she mentally reviewed the bazaar events that had occurred during the past two years of her life. She heaved her bedbug-contaminated mattress into the deserted alley behind her high-rise apartment building, hoping that some homeless family could get enjoyment out of it, then slammed the sliding glass doors shut with all her might. She would sleep on the couch tonight, and then tomorrow, she would sleep on her brand new king-sized bedroom set, thus successfully concluding that unhappy chapter of her life.

She had to admit that, for a time, pretending to be Greta had been a lark, but now that she knew Greta was one of "the living dead", it had lost all of its charm. Vampires and blood had always given her the creeps and she wanted no part of them.

Furthermore, now that Brandon and Humphrey were officially out of the picture, Marilyn was also free to pursue her one true love: Tad.

Yes, the future was definitely looking much brighter.

And with Tad by her side, maybe they would be able to start their own software company, possibly in tribute to the love that Marilyn and her twin had once shared.

Let's see...their names were Greta and Marilyn, so what should they call their business? about..."G.M." ??? :o)

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Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

Morgan Mandel said...

Cynde, that is funny - G.M.!!