Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Writer in search of a mystery...

Mystery conference, that is. I think there is a great deal to be said for getting together with other mystery writers and readers. It’s like we’re in our own world – a favorite place filled with questions, clues, villains and heroes! And what better place to find our way than at a conference for mystery writers and readers. Now, given the economy, you have to pick and choose carefully to get the most bang for your buck. Who are the presenters? What workshops are available? What is new and challenging for you? Where is the conference held?

So, with those criteria in mind – I’m open to suggestions for some of your favorite mystery conferences. Here are a few I’ve found online, but I’d love to get real-life feedback from some of you who have been to a conference you found outstanding. That pumped you up, taught you things, was worth the travel, time and money spent.

Here are some I’ve found:

• Sleuthfest (over for this year) every March in Fort Lauderdale

• Thrillerfest VI in NYC

• Boucheron in St. Louis

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Online Unsolved Mysteries Story said...

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Linda Leszczuk said...

I've been doing this search myself. Thrillerfest looks great but is really expensive. I've been told the Boucheron is more of a fan fest than for writers who are trying to get better at their craft and get published. Right now I'm looking at Deadly Ink (in NJ in Aug) and Killer Nasville (also in Aug). They're smaller but seem to have everything I'm looking for. You might want to check them out.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

You might think about trying the Public Safety Writers Association's conference
it has something for everyone: writing skills, play writing, lots of professionals speaking: detectives, FBI, county coroner, police psychiatrist, and panels that you can be on if you so desire. (July in Vegas, good hotel rates, three big delicious lunches including in the price.)


Libby McKinmer said...

Wow! Thanks, everyone...part of what makes our writing community so nice is how willing people are to share.

Off to do more research (as soon as editing is done!).


Helen Ginger said...

Libby, I have a page on my website where I list "events" for writers. They're not all mystery but I have a few not on your list. I update the page each week when my newsletter comes out.

Jean Henry Mead said...

Left Coast Crime Conference (LCC) is also good. It will held In Santa Fe from March 24-27 this year and in Sacramento from March 29-April 1 in 2012.

Libby McKinmer said...

Thanks -- lots of resources to check out. And what's nice is the current info!


Morgan Mandel said...

Love is Murder is my favorite, the first weekend of February, in Rosemont, IL.

Morgan Mandel

Cozy in Texas said...

I've heard the Malice Domestic convention in Washington DC is great.