Monday, June 6, 2011

What's Your Website? Or, Don't You Have One?

With money short these days, some authors have given up their websites in favor of blogspots. Others still keep both, like I do.

I must confess my poor website was neglected for many months. Today, I bit the bullet and performed some basic revisions, offering simple and updated selections. At present I've chosen not to link them to my vast array of pathetically old pages. Later, I might decide to clean those pages up a bit and add their links on a Miscellaneous page to show my progression as an author, or maybe I won't. It depends how busy I get on other projects.

Anyway, here's the link to my website, if you care to check it out -

What about you? How often do your update your website? Or, Don't You Have One?

Please share your website or blogspot in the comment section, and let us know how faithful you are to updates.

Morgan Mandel

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Allene said...

I don't have a book published, yet, but my love of mysteries and their creators have led me to create the Mystery & Me blog I review books and chat. The companion website is Village of Mystery where I list newly released books, bios, and other things of interest to book readers and writers. I try to update on a regular basis but sometimes my health doesn't co-operate. Would love to have anyone interested visit me at either or both.

Elle said...

Like you I have shamefully neglected my website which also has a blog but I have decided to be more conscientious and making an effort to update regularly.

Betty Gordon said...

Morgan, I have a web 'guy' do my updates. The problem with this, of course, is that I usually wait until I have several changes before sending to him.

Shirley Wells said...

I like to keep both. My blog is a place where I talk more about the writing process and my website keeps all books, reviews, excerpts, etc., in one place.

I 'try' (and often fail) to update my website every month. I did have someone do it for me but I do it myself now. Maybe I'm just a control freak...

Betty Ann Harris said...

It is hard to keep up with a website sometimes. I do like blogs better for that reason, but they say websites are imperative. I write romantic suspense. My website is:
My blog is:

J D Webb said...

I created my own website and do the maintenance myself. Sometimes tedious and sometimes neglected. It has 18 pages of info. Therefore, I don't do a blog of my own (I'm a newby on this one) but jump in on others.

Cassie Exline said...

Have both -- website and blog and do the updates myself.

My blog is used a lot since I love having guests. If anyone wants to be a guest, my door is always open.

I write mystery/suspense with romance and humor. But my guests can write any genre.

Website lists all books, stories, plus credits, awards, etc. But will admit I love blogspot more.

Heather Haven said...

I have a website at I mainly focus on the 2 published mysteries of my Alvarez Family series and some of my short stories and plays. I used to keep my blog there but it offered no comment app. I set up my blog at Blogger and love to have guests. If you're interested in guesting, email me at and come on over!! I need to update my website a little but would rather write, lazybones that I am.

P.I. Barrington said...

I share a website with my sister and co-author Loni Emmert ( though it does get neglected due to other work. I also have just begun my own writing-oriented blog, FutureImperfect that has received some attention!

Rob Walker said...

Had my son do my website years ago and I can call him to add or delte stuff. It's a good site, I feel, well worth the time spent there. I try to offer freebies from tine to time and keep it updated but so busy with the blogs....facebook, twitter, and writing next novel!!


Sheila Deeth said...

I built a website from my blog--free sounded like a good deal. But I need to spend more time tidying up all the different bits of blogs.

Milton Trachtenburg said...

I took advantage of the very inexpensive rate Authors Guild has for members. They created a website that I find attractive and interactive if you want it to be for a few dollars a month. The tools ar simple to use and they have the same people all the time who will answer any questions abotu changing, adding or using the site.

Drop in and visit me at:

I do a lot of surfing to advertise my book which is a self-help book for abused women, "How to get off the Merry-Go-Round" and I find that the site gets significant numbers of hits.

terri.forehand said...

I have a website that costs me and does not get much traffic maybe because I neglect it and maybe not, hard to tell. I am considering doing a freeweb site and compare the difference. I have several blogs that I keep up with. One for writers and those interested in writing for children at One for parents of children suffering from a chronic or terminal illness at and one for my published prayer book at

The blogs are easier to manage and add to but they say you need a website to be a success.

Morgan Mandel said...

I've also heard you need a website to be a success. I don't usually get many hits on mine, but maybe I'm not publicizing it enough. I'm on my blogs much more often.

Morgan Mandel

Fiona said...

I don't have a website yet, but plan to set one up in the near future. I've had a blog for about three months now. I'm still figuring out what I want the focus to be with the blog. That's why I've been checking out other writer's blogs.

I don't write novels (yet). I write the Lori Stockley and Panzer mysteries and the (Police) Detective Matt Stockley murder mysteries (all short stories), so didn't feel the need for either a website or a blog until recently.

My blog is at:


Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks all of you for your input. Lots of websites and blogspots to check out!

Morgan Mandel

Kate Dolan said...

My blog is a part of my website, to substitute for the lead articles I used to write. I'm not sure it's prominent enough now, though, since it's the part that gets updated the most frequently and has the most useful (to others) content. It's a wordpress site but I paid (too much probably) to have it professionally designed. I love the way it looks but still can't quite manage it yet.
Great question!!

jenny milchman said...

I have both, too, and with a novel just sold--after 11 years at it--I really have to make some updates to the website (which doesn't even have the news)!

Allene, I love your blog. You just reminded me to go over more often--I do hope your health is cooperating--for your sake, of course, as well as the blog's...

Thanks for the post!

Anita Davison said...

I used to keep both, but I got far more visits to my Blog than my website, which cost me money and was too static to generate much interest. I now post regularly to five separate blogs, two of which are my own - and it doesn't cost me anything.

I fantasise the days when I'm rich and famous enough to have a webmaster run my site for me - one needs to have dreams!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

I too have a website that's sorely in need of an overhaul, . And I have several blogs, which is where most of my energy goes now, including But I really do want to update the darn website! Your post just might inspire me to get started.

Damaria Senne said...

i have a very busy blog ( but I don't have a web site. I am, however, planning to build one soon because I believe my writing business needs one. The blog is not enough.

Nancy Lynn Jarvis said...

I'm fortunate to be married to a great guy who knows how to do websites. Mine is
He put the opening chapters of my books up so visitors can have a read. Books can be ordered from the site, too.
Nancy Lynn Jarvis
Regan McHenry Real Estate mysteries

Maryann Miller said...

I have a Web site - - and I try to update something on the opening page at least once a week. I don't always get that done, but I do try to keep it from getting too stagnant. The site gets a couple thousand hits a month, and I think it is good to keep it so folks can get details about all my books. I only list a few on my blog, and I try to keep the blog more informal. I update that 3 or 4 times a week. (It's Not All Gravy)

This was an interesting topic, and I enjoyed visiting some of the other blogs.

Lisabet Sarai said...

I have a website as well as a blog and I think both are important since they serve different functions. The website ( is the one-stop information source about me, my books, and my news. The thing about a blog is that it's volatile. It's difficult for someone to see the great post you added two weeks ago, unless they have a specific URL or go searching. A website can grow but the older material sticks around (unless of course you delete it).

I update my site at least monthly. I have one "News" page which basically serves as my newsletter. I update it and then send out the link to lists, instead of sending out a whole newsletter by email. This has lots of advantages. My monthly update also usually adds a new free read and maybe a review or an article to my authors section. Plus, of course, covers, excerpts and buy links for new releases or coming books.

I update the site myself, by writing bare HTML. (I'm a techie.) I'm not skilled with graphic design tools, so I had a professional design the templates. Then I can just copy from an old page to a new one, and change the content.

Cheryl Wright said...

Your website looks great, Morgan.

I've actually spent several hours today updating my website, so I do know how time consuming it can be.

At this time I don't have a blog, but it is certainly on my to-do list.

My aim is to update my site at least monthly, but that doesn't always happen.