Monday, September 26, 2011

Plug Your Mysteries Days - Monday and Tuesday

Get ready, Get set, Go!
Leave a short plug for one of your own or someone else's mysteries on Monday, another on Tuesday, or the same one again on Tuesday! Don't forget to leave a buy link and your website/blogspot link as well.

Only one per day, please!

Mine is Killer Career - a romantic suspense about a lawyer whose career change could be deadly for her and those she loves.

Killer Career is 99 cents
on Kindle and Smashwords
Also in print at Amazon
and other venues


Heather Haven said...

A Wedding to Die For is one of the three finalists for the EPIC 2012 Mystery Award. I am beside myself! Norman went to get me another chair!
Can I wait until March? Guess I'll have to!

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Congratulations, Heather! I'm a finalist in the paranormal/metaphysical category for Lingering Spirit. (My publisher entered it.) My latest mystery, of course, is Bears With Us, which is available in paper and on Kindle.


Morgan Mandel said...

I loved Lingering Spirit by Marilyn Meredith. I highly recommend it.

Morgan Mandel

Bill_Craig said...

Mine is Decker P.I. Smugglers' Blues, the fourth outing for ex-DEA agent turned Florida Private Investigator Sam Decker. Trying to help the sister of his ex-girl friend gets Decker afoul of both the Cartels and the Mob.

Sherry Derr-Wille said...

As a fairly new author to the murder mystery genre, I'm involved with Detective Rhonda Pohs. Having solved the murder of THE MAN IN THE LAKE and THE MURDER IN THE MEADOW, she's taking on the most challenging mystery of her career. In MURDER BY MISTAKE, she must find out if the Grandfather or the Grandson was the intended victim. Once that is established, she must figure out who is behind this crime. Look for it from Class Act Books in October 2011

P.A.Brown said...

The absolutely best police procedural I've read is L.A. Rex by Will Beall, a 17 year veteran of the LAPD. It was a tour de force.

If thrillers count,you can't beat Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez. It's a techno thriller for the 21st Century and while it seems like SF it's actually all based on solid fact. It will make you want to go live in a cave. LOL

Joan Hall Hovey said...

My latest suspense novel is THE ABDUCTION OF MARY ROSE.

Imagine discovering everything you believe about yourself to be a lie. And that the truth could stir a killer from his lair.

"...Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King come to mind, but JOAN HALL HOVEY is in a Class by herself!…"J.D. Michael Phelps, Author of My Fugitive, David Janssen

max said...

My 7 mysteries & adventures are for readers 8 - 13, especially boys.

Books for Boys Blog
My Youtube Videos

Max Elliot Anderson

Neil Plakcy said...

If you like dogs and crime fiction, you might like my Golden Retriever mysteries, IN DOG WE TRUST and THE KINGDOM OF DOG. They're light on the gore and violence and stronger on puzzles and cute dogs. Both are available for the Kindle & other e-readers, as well as in paperback.

Peg Herring said...

I'm also a finalist in EPIC's 2012 mystery category. THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY is, according to the critics, cleverly conceived and full of humor. I didn't know I was clever OR funny, I just wondered what it would be like to wake up dead!

Nancy DeMarco said...

My sorry little debut novel isn't out yet, but I love this one: Ann Everett, Laid Out and Candle Lit. This lighthearted murder mystery/romance just came out on Smashwords., and it's due out in trade paperback soon. Ann's writing is damn funny, warm, with a wonderful down-home feel. She makes me want to move to Texas. Blog:

Mark Troy said...

Teed Off is one of eight short stories featuring Honolulu PI Val Lyon. Each story is 99 cents on Smashwords, Kindle and other ereaders. Golf hasn't seen so much hardboiled action since Mrs. Tiger Woods learned to swing a club. Read about more Val Lyon stories at

Betty Ann Harris said...

Eureka Point is an edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense/mystery thriller. A beautiful and successful Park Ave interior designer finds herself unwillingly involved with a dangerous drug cartel and must go into FBI protective custody to keep her safe. But safe is the one thing she's not.

Brian Kavanagh said...

To celebrate Autumn in the north and Spring in the south, I'm giving a gift of an eBook version of the Omnibus First
Three Belinda Lawrence mysteries.
Plus, a second gift of one paperback copy of A CANTERBURY CRIME. (All books paid for by the author.)
Go to this link to register and for all details.

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Earl Staggs said...

May I plug 16 mysteries? That's how many are in my collection called SHORT STORIES OF EARL STAGGS. Tales of Mystery from Hardboiled to Humor, my best shorties published over the years.
Available for $2.99, which is 19 cents per story, at:
Nook, et al:

Lutz Barz said...

Mysterious murders in outback Australia are the opening gambit in this adventure mystery where dark alien forces threaten the future of our planet.
'Artifice' by Lutz Barz
Available at: & Amazon

J. R. Lindermuth said...

In my latest mystery, Fallen From Grace, Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman just wants to convince his reluctant girlfriend, Lydia, to marry him. Murder keeps interfering.
Available in print and Kindle:

Anne K. Albert said...

Frank, Incense and Muriel is book 1 of the Muriel Reeves Mysteries and recipient of the 2011 Holt Medallion Award of Merit.

Chelle Cordero said...

I'd like to mention Final Sin by Chelle Cordero:

Deputy Sherriff Commander Jake Carson has his hands full... investigation of a brutal multiple homicide, a troubled son and a vindictive ex-wife. He meets young, free-spirited paramedic Julie Jennings. When Julie becomes the subject of an obsession, it puts both of them in danger.

Morgan Mandel said...

They all sound so good I wish I had time to read them all!

Morgan Mandel

bob said...

Things aren't always what they seem. Detective Elliot has his hands full when he meets an aberration in human nature.

Beneath A Buried House

Victoria Howard said...

I'd like to mention my novel, Ring of Lies.

When accountant Daniel Elliott dies in a car accident, his widow, Grace, is overcome with grief…and panic. Daniel was controlling and their marriage loveless, but he always took care of her.

Or so she thought.

Grace soon discovers Daniel kept secrets: an alias, mob ties, a list of numbers, a mysterious beach house in Florida….and a girlfriend who looks like Grace. Swallowing her fear, she flies to Miami to claim the house Daniel left her. But the price of her curiosity is peril. Underworld figures stalk her. And handsome, troubled FBI agent Jack West has crossed precarious paths with Grace before. With little to go on and danger at every turn, Grace must depend on Jack to help her navigate the criminal world of south Florida, and find the truth behind the Ring of Lies.

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Jean Henry Mead said...

Murder on the Interstate is the third novel in my Logan & Cafferty mystery series. It features two feisty 60-year old women amateur sleuths who travel the West in their motorhome solving murders.


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JL Walters said...

An oldie but goodie is Murder and Mint Tea featuring the first of my mysteries with Kathering Miller as the heroine. This also introduces you to her Maine Coon cat Robespierre. Watch as she protects her friends and family from being accused of the murder of the tenant from Hades.

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