Friday, September 16, 2011

Technology, Schmechnology

I try to keep up with what's going on in the world for the sake of my characters when I'm writing. However, I'm too old fashioned to jump at all the latest gimmicks out there. I still just use a cell phone to make phone calls. It receives text messages, but I delete them if someone dares send me one. It has the usual number buttons, though I'm not interested in sitting around trying to figure which numbers to press to spell out "get lost." I have considered getting a smart phone to learn what my characters might do with it, but I haven't taken the plunge yet.

I did give up and go high-tech with the TV a week ago. I'd been content with a remote that changed channels and switched on and off. We've used a DVD/VCR to record the CBS evening news and my wife's favorite morning show, The Price Is Right. The recorder had been screwing up recently, though. After numerous efforts to watch the news or Drew Carey failed, we decided something had to be done.

Our old 32-inch TV, a monster device that weighed a ton when I tried to move it, was at least twenty years old, though it still had a fairly decent picture. We decided to go all out and get a 42-inch flat screen model with High Definition. Comcast had provided us with a small gadget that sat on top of the TV when they went all-digital. I discovered a full-size cable box would be required to get HD on the new set. I also discovered for the same price I could get a cable box/DVR, a digital video recorder.

I got all the connections made and the device activated and voila! Up pops a menu will all sorts of possibilities. The TV has a Wi-Fi connector. I can connect with my computer and display Internet content on the TV screen. Do streaming movies, photo albums, all sorts of things. With the Comcast box, I can record TV programs galore. Using ON DEMAND, dozens of programs telecast over the past week are available to watch again, plus dozens of movies.

The only problem is I have two manuals (TV and cable) and three CDs to peruse to learn how to use all this stuff. Technology, ain't it great? Ugh!

I suppose it's necessary to give me the ability to keep my characters in vogue with the times. How about you? Have you upgraded your life to take in all the latest gadgetry?

Chester Campbell
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Morgan Mandel said...

Welcome to the modern age!
I'm still waiting for our TV to give up the ghost before we can go with a flat screen. It refuses to die!

Morgan Mandel

Jean Henry Mead said...

I'm with you, Chester. Although we've had a flat screen TV for several years, we rarely watch it anymore, although we're only able to get satellite reception here on the mountain and it costs a small fortune. I've never had time to use my smart phone for anything other than making phone calls, but someday, after I've lost the instructions, I'll make an effort to learn how to use all the other functions. :)

Shirley Wells said...

We've had a flat screen TV for a couple of years and, finally, I know how to use it. I have the smartphone and can do all sorts of wonderful things with it. The only thing I struggle with is actually making a phone call...

rager4me said...

The technology these days is way more advanced than any one would have ever thought it would be. The crazy thing about that is that the technology is advancing every single day, so who knows what will be next. The flat screens these days seem to be a common thing in every house hold, along with the wi fi connector. Every one these days needs wi fi in their homes. How else would they get connected to the net.