Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving and Everyday by Christine Duncan

It's Thanksgiving so I'm sure you have other things to do--family gatherings, football, and maybe even a little Christmas shopping. So I'm going to make this short.
I am thankful, have always been thankful to be an American. I believe in our country, our values and our freedoms. Freedom of speech is especially important to me as a writer, as I'm sure it must be to you.
I question whether we still have as much of that as we used to when I see what is happening to the Occupy movement. Whatever you think of the movement, you have to wonder about the police tactics. Just what is so threatening about a bunch of people saying, "We are the ninety-nine percent."
So today, while I am still proud to be an American, I am also worried. And I think as writers we all should be.


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Morgan Mandel said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Christine and everyone!

As far as the Occupiers are concerned, hygiene and safety problems are a great concern. Things were running amuck, so I've heard. Not good for the protesters or the health and welfare of the community, much less depriving those with jobs from getting to and from their places of employment. (Said from me, who doesn't have a job anymore since January, yet I still remember how it was when my trains were delayed or weather got in the way of getting there.)

Maybe they need better strategies on how to go about things, including porta potties. I can't imagine being in those squalid conditions.

Morgan Mandel

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