Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reading Christmas Books by Christine Duncan

Unlike my blogmate, Mark Troy, I like to read books that are written about Christmas. I don't really care about the mystery, if that's what I'm doing. I just need to get in the spirit and reading is one way I do it.

So what if I figured out the ending of Anne Perry's A Christmas Journey well before the end of the book or if I don't usually read books involving animals like A Cat under the Mistletoe by Lydia Adamson? They got me back in the Christmas mood and I read them on purpose to do that.

I also read books about some place I'm traveling to or places that I miss and can't travel to right now. Different strokes, I guess.


Mark Troy said...

Merry Christmas, Christine.

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Morgan Mandel said...

During the Christmas Season, I tend to watch movies and try to read books with Christmas in them. Where the books are concerned, Not naming names, because that's mean, I've been kind of disappointed this year. It seems they're just writing books with Christmas in them just to get them published around the Season, and the quality isn't there.

Morgan Mandel

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