Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Planning a Blog Tour

In the past I've paid to have a blog tour arranged for me. Money's tight and so I decided I'd do it myself.

Wow, I'm finding it was worth the bucks to pay for it. All I had to do was send out my photo, bio, book blurb and links once to the organizer and then put together whatever the host blog wanted, be it an interview, writing tip, etc.

I've been sending out requests, getting lots of great people responding to host me, but juggling the dates has been daunting. Some have told me what they want me to write, others have just said do whatever. Well, I've got to think up the whatever, and I need to make each post unique.

Fortunately, I've got lots of time. I don't even have a cover yet to send off to folks--and to be perfectly honest, I haven't received my edits yet. That's why I put the blog tour way off until April. Just the same, I have lots of stuff I need to do for it.

So, that's what I'll be up to for awhile.

And by the way, I'd love to host any of you who'd like to arrange a blog tour for your upcoming book.



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