Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Devil's Foothold

Here's the book I wrote about in my last post. Nice spooky cover for what I'm calling a supernatural mystery only available on Kindle.

It's likely the only book I'll ever do myself. As it turned out, I need a lot of help. I found a great cover artist who definitely got the "flavor" of the book. 

Reading the directions for formatting for Kindle, for me was like reading something in Russian. I went to a friend who has great success and asked for help. Turns out her husband does all her formatting and putting it on Kindle. He helped me through the whole process--and ended up doing most of it himself. I've been calling him an angel.

The book is up there and I've had a few sales, but I need to get busy with more promotion. 

So far there's not a single review which is a bit disheartening, but I suppose they'll come.

My biggest problem is as I said before, I have way too much to do.

Trying to find time to work on my Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery and I've been caught up in fixing the historical family saga. 

And then I realized November was here and I needed to write a post for Make Mine Mystery--and here I am.


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Morgan Mandel said...

Looks very spooky! It's good to get something accomplished that you set out to do, isn't it!

Good luck with your new release, Marilyn!

Morgan Mandel