Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We're Headed Into the Holiday Season

Marilyn at a library event with several other authors.

With the holidays come opportunities for book promotion.

Nothing is better than being part of a Christmas craft or boutique event--especially if you're the only author. For the past few years I've been invited by the Porterville Art Association to be part of their annual Christmas Boutique sale--a two day event. I love doing this one. I do make sales, I've also made some new friends. The only drawback is that I also tend to buy the wonderful goodies they've made.

Recently I participated in an Author's Fair in a mall. I didn't know anyone but thought it would be a fun event and it was in a place I've never been before. Despite the fact my table was behind a big post with the a map and location of all the stores, blocking the view of anyone entering the store from that direction, I still managed to sell quite a few books and I handed out lots and lots of cards. One thing I'm noticing is more and more people have Kindles and Nooks.

Some of the authors at this event had great displays and visited with people about their books. But--and this is a big but--one author who was near me brought her books, set them up and trotted off to go shopping. I know that's what she did because she showed me what she bought. Then she left again and didn't show up until it was time to pack up and leave. Some people stopped at her table and looked at her books, but you can't sell anything if you aren't there. Another man near me sat and read his own book the whole time. Some folks did stop and engage him in conversation, but he wasn't really making and effort to sell his books.

My message here is take advantage of whatever event you can to sell your books, but for goodness sake, be a sales person. Look people in the eye, smile, ask them if they like to read mysteries, talk about your books. If you don't, you've wasted your time and might as well have stayed home.

What are you doing for the holidays as far as your book promotion is concerned?

Have you got some other tips for this kind of event?



Morgan Mandel said...

I wish I had half of your energy and promotion opportunities!
I see you were at it again! You must have special vitamins.

Morgan Mandel

Lynn Cahoon said...

I'm doing a signing in December and all I can think about is being chatty. Not my normal self. LOL Great post.