Saturday, February 9, 2013

Late for a Very Important Date

by Kaye George

I’m late writing my blog for today (I usually do it a few days in advance), but for a very important reason.

Our move from Texas to Tennessee is completed in the sense that a lot of furniture and boxes (4000 pounds of books, the mover told me) are in the house. Several of the boxes have been unpacked and some of the furniture has been arranged. My car hasn’t arrived yet, so Hubby and I are sharing. We’ve seen a good bit of the three grandkids who live here, including a soccer practice for four-year-olds. That’s a hoot, if you haven’t witnessed one.

However, another grandkid is pulling me away already! I’m flying to DC today to help out our daughter, who has been put on bed rest pending the birth of their second child. So I’ll be dealing with the two-year-old who, by recent accounts, has become Terrible.

I took a hiatus of nearly two weeks from writing for our move, but can’t afford to do that again. So wish me luck while I try to squeeze words out of my head, through fingers, and into my netbook or my Alphasmart during naps, if they happen, or in the evening, if reasonable bedtime happens. Maybe my grandkid (the two year old or the one on the way) can give me lots of inspiration and help me stay on schedule!

White Rabbit photo from Photobucket


Melissa said...

Sounds like you have been busy!

Best wishes for your new grandchild!

Morgan Mandel said...

4000 pounds of books? Or is that an author's exaggeration?

Hope you get some time to relax and do what you want!

Morgan Mandel

Randy Rawls said...

OMG, Kaye. You moved FROM Texas. I thought I was the only one who'd do such a thing. Good luck in your new home.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Here's hoping for a fun time with the terrible-two year old. You'll be kept busy I know. I believe the book weight. Think I'd give mine away first--well, most of them anyway.