Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The 3 in 100 plan. Or how to be part of the 8 percent.

It’s January 14th – Do you know where your New Year’s resolutions are? 

Most people give up on their resolutions within six months.  And worse, only eight percent of those who make resolutions reach their goal by the end of the year.

Eight percent.

I love resolutions, I call them goals.  One trick I learned to keep them in my sights is what I call 3 in 100.
Take a new notebook. Write out three of your resolution. (If you have more, put them aside for a while.)
The first page of my notebook looks like this.
  • Goal #1 – Lose 20 pounds in 2014
  • Goal #2 – Write Tourist Trap #4 Or at least three chapters and a synopsis
  • Goal #3-Workout 5 times a week

Except #1 and #3 are kind of the same and hopefully #3 makes #1 happen.  But we’ll change #1 to stay within my calorie count.
  • Goal #1 – Lose 20 pounds in 2014 Stay within my calorie count to lose weight.
  • Goal #2 – Write Tourist Trap #4 Or at least three chapters and a synopsis.
  • Goal #3-Workout 5 times a week.

Better ?Now the fun begins.

Day one – turn the page.  
  • Write the date on the top of the page.
  • I’m also going to add my ‘measurements’ so I can see if I’m progressing on my ultimate goal – to lose twenty pounds.
  • Then I’m writing down one thing for each goal that I did to make progress.

For #1 it could be – packed my lunch and snacks for work. (Today it was carrots, celery and a shrimp salad.)
#2 – Write down all the ideas I have for a fourth book. Or what I call loose leaf plotting.
Finally #3 – worked out on Xbox game and rode bike for 30 minutes.  That may not happen as the snow hit pretty hard today so I didn't get my morning workout before I had to brave the commute. 

Day two – rinse and repeat.

Do this for 100 days in a row.  No stopping. If you miss doing anything toward your goals that day, write down your reason.  Is it really a good one?  Then do better tomorrow.

The nice thing is a new day gives you a blank slate to start all over and better. 

Questions? Do you use a goal plan like this? Or how do you make sure you’re one of the 8 percent come December? 


Morgan Mandel said...

I'm afraid I'm not that organized. I do have a goal of getting a few books done from the five I've started!

Morgan Mandel

Lynn Cahoon said...

Yay Morgan!