Saturday, July 12, 2014

Guest Blogger and Heir Hunter Janet Simpson

I'm welcoming Janet Simpson today, whose first novel has just debuted! She has an interesting story to tell, but first, here's a bit about her.

Diminutive English rose, JL Simpson, was stolen away by a giant nomad and replanted in a southern land filled with gum trees and kangaroos. She quickly grasped the meaning of G’day and mate whilst steadfastly refusing all attempts to convert her to Vegemite.

She loves sharing tales about unexpected twists of fate. Holding on to a steadfast belief every obstacle can be overcome, she spends her moments of solitude creating adventures where mystery and mayhem collide.

Make Mine an Heir Hunter

The last time I was in the UK on holidays I got hooked on a TV show called Heir Hunters.  My sister is big on family history and has spent hours, days, weeks, months, and possibly even years, of her life dedicated to finding out about our ancestors. It was cool to get updates and find out we were related to some Russian dude, or that one of our forbears worked with Sir Isaac Newton, but it all seemed a bit pointless.

When I saw Heir Hunters it was awesome, it was family history gone wild.  Teams of dedicated researchers scramble to find the heirs for deceased estates and sign them up to help them claim their rightful inheritance, for a fee of course.  People made a living doing this and with the introduction of the show the number of businesses hell bent on making a fortune from heir hunting exploded.

I had read dozens of mysteries and written romantic suspense novels but the idea of a book based on an heir hunter was new and intriguing. In order to write such a book I would be forced to do the ‘R’ word, research. I have to admit I’m not a big fan. I love books set during World War Two but the thought of all the research such a story would involve leaves me a reader and not a writer. However, if I wanted to write an heir hunter mystery it had to be done.

My sister was the obvious place to start and then I decided to join the Heir Hunters Association in the UK. I lurked on their forum and posted questions which people were happy to answer. Their newsletter was full of great advice and if I ever happen to manage to organize my trips back to the UK for a time when they are running a master class I will be first in line.

I figured I was safe and clear, flying under the radar until I got an email from the man who runs the association. Nothing sinster. Nothing horrible. A simple request for me to get in touch with him. They were working on a project with overseas beneficiaries and were looking for someone in Australia to work with them. Eeek. I was a fraud and they were on to me.  I emailed back a full and frank confession that I was no heir hunter, I was a writer researching for a book. The response came back almost immediately. He was intrigued and wondered if I would let him know when and where my book could be purchased so that he could include it in the newsletter.  The book, Lost Cause, came out on the 3rd of July but I haven’t emailed him yet. There is something scary about the thought of people who actually hunt heirs reading my book.

Daisy Dunlop thinks heir hunting will be an adventure. The man charged with ensuring her safety thinks it will be murder.

Daisy Dunlop loves a challenge but heir hunting is supposed to be easy. She can deal with anything her new job throws at her, except the bullets, bombs and working with P.I. Solomon Liffey. Her husband's best friend is supposed to be looking out for her, but when she uncovers Solomon’s biggest secret he's the one who needs protection.

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Elaine L. Orr said...

Email the man! What better publicity could you get? People who are interested in hunting for heirs will read it and tell their friends.

Kaye George said...

I agree with Elaine! I've joined groups for research, too, but I've never been outed, thank goodness!

Good luck, Janet!

Janet Simpson said...

Hi Kaye and Elaine
Thanks for having me, Kay. And Elaine, emailed, response received and heir hunters about to discover Daisy is their new heroine.
Best wishes

Kaye George said...

So glad you did that!

Kathleen Kaska said...

It sounds like a great you to promote your book; go for it!

Lynn Cahoon said...

Great publicity!

Kaye George said...

Thanks for stopping in, Kathleen and Lynn! Since Janet is on the other side of the world, I'll bet she's sound asleep right now.

Janet Simpson said...

Thanks, Lynn and Kathleen. And yep you got it right, Kaye. I was sleeping. Happy Monday :)

Morgan Mandel said...

Janet, That sounds like a great and unusual premise for a book, and I love that cover!

Good luck with your brand new release!