Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gee, That’s A Lot Of Typing

I don’t talk to my friends a lot about my writing life.  When I have a new book coming out, they’ll ask what it’s about and some even read it and tell me they like the book. But in the year or so between books, the life of a mystery writer isn’t that exciting.

One of my close friends asked me about how the new book was going, not something I get asked all that often because I do a lot of other things like animal rescue and good cause volunteering and that’s more exciting to talk about.

I was prepared to rattle on about my progress on a new book set in the village where I live, but her interest was short-lived.  I told her I had about 75 pages so far.

“Gee, that’s a lot of typing.” Her comment stopped me short.

Well, yes, it is a lot of typing.  I didn’t say that I would rewrite, and revise those pages three or four times before I sent it off to my editor. Perhaps it’s even more. You don’t just type a book.

I guess the excitement of the writing life happens between your own ears. I love that moment when you type the first sentence that comes to mind just to move the plot along. Suddenly the psyche provides a twist on a familiar phrase that makes your heart sing.

However, the magic only occurs when your fingers are holding the pen or dancing on the keyboard. You can’t think a book down on paper. You have to type it.

The excitement, it seems, can’t be shared. 

What do you share about the daily business of your writing life?



Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Non-writing friends don't get it, and when you have non-reading friends, well, they haven't a clue.

Mar Preston said...

How can people not read? I just don't understand anyone saying I don't have time to read a book.