Monday, August 18, 2014

Kindle Unlimited

Rumor has it that Kindle Unlimited is really taking off. It's an Amazon program where readers can download as many books as they wish at $9.99 per month, in increments at ten at a time. Once a book over the limit is returned, the reader can pick another.

This program is a boon for voracious readers, and appears to be a boon for authors in the KDP Select program, in which authors agree to make certain books available for ninety days exclusively at Amazon, and to lend out books to Amazon Unlimited and Amazon Prime members. Lent books net the author a share of the monthly pot, which usually turns out to be a little over $2 each.

Now, that may not be a blessing for authors with books selling for $4.99 or so, but, since my highest priced books are $2.99, and the lowest one is 99 cents, I'd gladly accept the $2+ amount, with the advantage of more downloads.

So far, I've noticed an uptake in book loans for Her Handyman and A Perfect Angel, which I've been promoting a lot on Twitter lately, and I plan to start promoting my other books more.

If you're a reader, Do any of you belong to Kindle Unlimited? If you're an author, have you also noticed an uptake in book loans? 

All of my books, except for Two Wrongs, which is at multiple venues, are available to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members, and can be found at my Amazon Author Page:

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Marja said...

It seems to be working for me so far. Good post, and you're right, it benefits both readers and authors.
Marja McGraw