Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Dog Day

After spending the last week plus up close and personal with my dogs on vacation, I thought I'd give them the floor today.  They are smart cookies. They figured out how to open the back windows in the truck when they wanted some air. My husband figured out how to lock the windows. :)

This is Homer, our youngest, and a total mommy's boy. (He's in his usual spot, under my desk.

And this is the old man, Demon.

Feel free to share your own dog shots.

MISSION TO MURDER - available now. (And of course, has a dog or two in the book.)


Kathleen Kaska said...

My dog (in heaven now) used to plant himself on my lap when I wrote. What an inspiration he was!

Lynn Cahoon said...

Homer road to Idaho last week mostly on my lap. My legs were so swollen by the time we got there. :)

Thanks for sharing a nice memory.