Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Bit More About Settings and Seasons by Marilyn Meredith

Reading the last couple of posts made me think a bit about my both settings and seasons.

In my Tempe books, the seasons change in sort of chronological order--though not always. The latest, River Spirits happens in the fall. Almost all of the books take places over a very short period.. Lst years offering, Spirit Shapes, happened in the fall too. Though a year and a couple of months passed before the latest came out--in Tempe's time, it's just a matter of a few weeks.

After all, if a year passed in Tempe's time, she'd be way to old to do the things she's done. When I first started writing about her, her son Blair was in his early teens. Over the years, he has graduated from college and is now working for the fire department in Morro Bay. In reality, Tempe is probably getting to a time when she might be considering retirement.

As far as settings, most of this series has happened in and around the small town of Bear Creek which has some resemblance to the town near where I live.  In River Spirits Tempe spend a lot of time on the Bear Creek Indian Reservation investigating a murder of an actor during the making of a movie. The reservation has many similarities to the Tule River Indian Reservation, the one near my home.

I've fictionalized both for various reasons--the main one being things change quickly in the real places. .

My first review said this:

"Another Tempe adventure combining family life, spirituality, Native American issues and California beauty. These relatively gentle mysteries have captivated me since I discovered them. This is among my favorites." --D.Eisert.


I am delighted.



Kathleen Kaska said...

Isn't it wonderful being able to manipulate time when we write fiction!

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Oh, my yes, we can control our imaginary worlds--at least most of the time. Heck of a lot better than the real world!