Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Report on My River Spirits Blog Tour Thus Far

I'm a bit over halfway though this month long blog tour for my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, River Spirits.

Right off the bat I had a problem. The person who had agreed to do the first stop on the tour must've forgot and/or what I sent got lost in cyber space. So my tour started a day late with two stops. I had two or three I had to query because the post weren't up on the slotted day.

Some don't put blog posts up ahead of time.

Other needed to be reminded--though right before the tour I sent out a reminder to each one.

Interestingly, some blogs draw far more commenters than others. I have as yet to figure out why in most cases--though there are some very popular blogs out there that get lots of hits and comments.

I've advertised each day the same--so don't think that's really had much influence at all.

What I do think makes a difference is the topic of the post. Some topics seem to draw people to comment.

I've had many, many unique commenters who have only commented on a few blogs-- and many who only commented on one.

What does this mean? I have no idea. It seems that I am having some increase in sales for the Kindle version of the book.

Here is the remainder of stop I"m making on the tour.

Nov. 18 http://bookbrowsing.wordpress.com    Promotion Tips

Where Do the Minor Characters Come From?

What Might be Next for Tempe

Nov. 21 http://evelyncullet.com/   Excerpt and links

The Author’s Life (Mine)

How Real are my Main Characters?

Food in my Series

Why I Keep on Writing

Use of Cop Lingo or Not

Nov. 27  Thanksgiving

Deputy Tempe Crabtree as a Mystery Series

Nov. 29 http://rabbi.author.com/  The Hairy Man

Dec. 1 http://www.rebeccaswrtingsvcs.com/  
What Makes a Mystery Writer, particular way of look at things? Looking for Clues? Why? Writing Obsession.

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