Saturday, December 13, 2014

Animals Rights Day

by Kaye George

A lot of writers include animals in many of our our stories. A book without animals is kind of like a house without a pet—feels empty.

International Animal Rights Day was the 10th of this month, did you know that? There are many horrific stories I could tell, of course, to convince you that more work needs to be done for the poor creatures who have no words to express themselves, let along cell phones and access to social media. However, I don’t want to bring you a downer in this holiday season, so save those thoughts for January.

This is the season of Good Will to All. I’m sure Santa treats his reindeer well. How could they make it around the world like that if they weren’t in tip-top condition?

You can track the path of Santa and his deer here if you’d like to.

When I was little, I worried that our dog, Skipper, who died while still a puppy, wouldn’t get to heaven. I also wanted there to be horses there, since my parents weren’t going to get me one while I was on earth, evidently. (Sure enough, they never did. It was plain that our back yard was plenty big enough for one little horse, but they couldn’t see that.)

Tommy, who lived across the alley and was Catholic (I was Methodist—still am), assured me that dogs and cats and horses would never be in Heaven. They would go, he said, to Limbo. I would also go there since I wasn’t Catholic. I made up my mind right then that I much rather be going to Limbo, not Heaven. It would be full of superior-sounding boys like Tommy.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Pope Francis chose this time to tell the little boy, “Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.” It’s almost enough to make me want to go to Heaven, after all.

All animal photos from morguefiles

Photo of Pope Francis from Wikipedia


Gale Albright said...

It's a beautiful post, Kaye.

Kaye George said...

Thanks, Gale! I do love this pope!

Morgan Mandel said...

Yes, being an animal lover, I couldn't help getting kind of teary eyed at your post!

One reason I don't visit animal shelters is I'd want to take all the animals home with me, yet find I can only devote my resources to one at a time.

Kaye George said...

Aw. I know what you mean about shelters, Morgan!

Kathleen Kaska said...

Thanks for telling me about Animal Right Day! I've always believed that if our pets don't go to heaven, we humans don't stand a chance. BTW, I'm pretty sure Catholics did away with limbo a few years ago.

Kaye George said...

I agree, Kathleen! I'm not up to date on Catholic theology, so that's very good to hear. I always thought limbo had a nice sound, though. It's a fun dance,conjures up party thoughts.