Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The building of a book - Lynn Cahoon

Go into any bookstore (including your Kindle) pick up a book and get lost in the story. With any luck, you'll be lost in a new world for three, maybe four hours.

Pop a review onto Amazon or Goodreads or B&N. Then nudge the author about the next book.

Total time invested? Maybe a half day?

Reader time versus writer time is like human to dog years.

Here's the writer's timeline. First draft, 7-10 weeks, author editing process before we send it anywhere 1-2 weeks, developmental edits - 2 weeks, copy edits - 2 weeks, and page proofs - another 2 weeks. 18 weeks or around 4 1/2 months.

And that's just the time invested by the writer. Then add in the publisher's time - cover, formatting, review ARCs, promotion.

It's a wonder any books get published at all.

But they do.

In the last two months, I've been working on six different projects.  Copy edits for #5 - Done. Page proofs for #4 - on my desk. First draft for #6 - started. Third book in The Council series - submitted to my publisher for a yay or nay. Formating a  self-publishing project, and tonight, I bought a cover for a new SP re-release for a novella I recently got rights returned on.

No, seven, because I ordered a new cover for Shawnee Holiday since its made enough to deserve a professional cover.

Make that eight, as I wrote a proposal for an entirely new cozy series and submitted it to my editor.

What have I learned through all the juggles? Lesson 1-I can't edit one book in a series and write another. I can if they aren't related, however.  Lesson 2-I can write more words a day or  a week than I'd ever expected. and Lesson #3 - you have to be good to yourself, otherwise, you get too many puppies dreams.

Am I complaining? Hell, no. I love the process. But sometimes, even this time management freak has to say uncle.  Times like that, I start completing things to get them off my list.  Then I feel better.

So what do you think an author does all day? You might be right.


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Jean Henry Mead said...

Lovely cover. Lynn. Your timeline sounds right. My favorite part of writing is editing and polishing the manuscript.

Linda Thorne said...
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Linda Thorne said...

Thank you for all of the good information. My first novel should be coming out in a few months and I print off all kinds of information like this and keep. Anything to help me be less of a rookie. That is a perfect cover for the title. I read Guidebook to Murder based on your book cover and was not disappointed.

Lynn Cahoon said...

Jean - it's crazy all the work we put into making our books the best they can be, and how fast our fans read them. :)

Linda - Thanks for the kind words about Guidebook. So glad you're writing. Once you publish, don't forget to write. That's one thing that can get lost in the promotion madness...