Monday, February 8, 2016

Favorite Premises

Lately I've been working on a good twin/bad twin thriller. For some odd reason, I've always been attracted to books about twins. It's a mystery why, since I'm not a twin and don't personally know any of them.

I also enjoy mysteries containing a romantic element, whether great or small.

Cozies are also high on my list of must read mysteries, since they often contain likable characters, and non-threatening settings.

Being an animal lover myself, adding a dog or cat to a mystery heightens my interest in that book.

Buster Kegan, Our adopted son

Maybe one of these days I'll even include a miniature pinscher, such as my present dog, Buster, in one of my books.

What about you? What draws you into a mystery or, for that matter, any genre?

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Linda Thorne said...

Believe it or not, book covers attract me. Colorful ones, mostly seen on cozy mystery books. I've bought several books because of the lure of the cover alone and, so far, I haven't been disappointed. The problem now is that there are more gorgeous and well-put-together covers than I've ever seen. I can't read everything, but I still love to look at them. I'm drawn mostly to mysteries. I'll read a thriller here and there, but sometimes the chase wears me out. I like spending a journey through a book going through the arcs, have heated scenes, but then coming down to enjoy the moment, the atmosphere, or the surroundings. I like being so curious of what happens next that I don't want to put the book away. Most of all I love happy endings.