Monday, April 25, 2016

Dedicated Websites

For some time, I've owned the website, That site includes descriptions of all of my books and where to get them, along with a bit more information about the blogs I participate in. Since I write in more than one genre, having it all in one place might be a turn-off for some readers. I also own a blog, with excerpts of all of my books, at

In a way it might seem overkill, yet, I decided that genre specific websites could attract those who don't want to waste time perusing books in a genre they don't care for. When I was mulling over the thought, I was working on another romance book, so  Morgan Does Chick Lit was born. 

Recently, I switched gears and am working on Awake, a good twin/bad twin thriller. Coincidentally, happened to be having a sale. Always one to take advantage of bargains, I leapt at the opportunity of adding another website, this one for mystery/thriller readers, called Morgan Does Mystery.  

I hope to soon include the finished version of Awake on the mystery website. For inspiration, I devised the cover below. Now I have to finish the book. 

You're welcome to stop by any of my sites and learn something about me and my books.

Morgan Mandel

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Linda Thorne said...

I hired someone to set up my website. I envy you being able to create your own with the help of online sites like I found it interesting that you write in several genres. I've done that in short stories, but I don't think I could write a book in any other genre but mystery.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Sounds like you've done the right thing.

Morgan Mandel said...

In a way, I wish I could concentrate on one genre, because I could probably attract more readers that way. However, that's not me.