Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Barnes and Noble Signng a Success!

I've not had many bookstore signings in the last few years, mainly because we have no book stores nearby.

When a friend suggested I do a signing at the Barnes and Noble in Bakersfield, I was less than enthusiastic. When she said she'd arrange it, I agreed. She not only did the leg work she also promoted it among her friends.

Now this friend is someone I didn't think I knew except on Facebook, but it turns out I had met her a couple of years ago at a Sisters in Crime meeting in Bakersfield.

I did an advertisement on Facebook--don't think it did much good. Of course I promoted other ways too.

And Barnes and Noble did lots of advertising and even had books available to purchase before the event, and some people had. The store had been unable to order the two latest books--why, I'm not sure--so I brought copies.

B and N now has a great system if you bring in your own books, at the end of the event you get paid for those that sold.

I really did well, had a great time, met a lot of people, saw some old friends, signed a lot of books, and did plenty of chatting.

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