Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Oh, My, Not Sure I've Been Such a Good Influence!

My granddaughter, her hubby and two little girls share our home. Of course, I'm around the girls a lot. Aleena is 5 and Priscilla 3. They love to hang out in my office with me. Fortunately, I had five kids, wrote a book while baby sitting 3 greats (long ago) and I'm used to interruptions.

I make lots of lists, shopping lists, to-do lists, things I want to be sure and put in the book I'm writing. Then Aleena started making lists, her own to-do lists, and what she wanted to buy at the store.

Today was the biggest and the funniest. Granddaughter took the girls shopping to our community thrift store and Aleena came home with a kid's detective kit. She and her sister have going all around the house with examining things, taking down notes (Priscilla's job), and hanging up crime scene tape.

One place she hung the tape was our bathroom. The reason? It was a crime scene and there was the blood of a thousand cockroaches and scorpions. (Not really.)

They played like this for over an hour, entertaining me and their great-grandpa.

We have two living rooms divided by the dining area (no walls), and we watch a lot of police shows. Though the girls don't sit and watch them with us they pass through a lot--no doubt have picked up bits of information about crime scenes that way.

It will be fascinating to see if either one of the girls ends up being a writer, hope I hang around long enough to find out.


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Morgan Mandel said...

Interesting to find out if they'll decide to be writers or police officers. lol