Saturday, January 5, 2019

Make Mine Mystery

By Linda Lee Kane

One of the obstacles that as a writer I work to overcome is my mind, my own self-doubt. This was especially true when I did the NaNoRiMo challenge in November.

But this obstacle or challenge is no different for an artist, an athlete, a businessperson, a parent, or a coach. To succeed at anything, I’ve learned I have to control my mind, and be disciplined, which isn’t very easy at times.

One of the strategies that helps me move past negative thoughts and limiting beliefs is conquering my fears and get into a routine. I’ve learned to persuade myself to:

·        Stick to writing at the same time everyday (almost everyday).

·        Get enough sleep, I need at least eight hours.

·        Try to eat healthy (not easy at all).

·        Exercise daily (this is easy for me because I have horses and dogs and they never let you lay around, their great motivators).

·        I also have a Panda calendar and I write my to do’s everyday. This keeps me focused and on track for what I want to accomplish.

You might want to know if I completed the challenge and the answer is, yes. It wasn’t easy and I haven’t gone back to read it as yet but I do have 56,000 words and one day soon I’ll start editing it. I’m excited for this upcoming challenge.

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Morgan Mandel said...

Good for you for attaining your goal! I still have a NaNoWriMo from about 5 years ago that I've started working on again and hope to finish this time!