Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Heading Off to Another Conference

This Thursday evening is the beginning of the Public Safety Writers Association's conference: registration begins at 3 and the evening get-together at 6. Because I have the list of people coming along with their registration packets, I'll need to be there right away.

I'm always excited about this particular conference. I joined years ago when it was called the Police Writers Club. At the time, everyone who belonged was either and active or retired police officer. Since I was writing about law enforcement, I asked if I could join. Right away I began submitting articles for the newsletter. Their first conferences were in Virginia, then they moved to Reno. Hubby and I went to the two conferences there and began to make friends among the members. The next conference was held very soon after 9/11 in Orlando FL. Figuring it was probably one of the safest times to fly, we went.

We made more friends and had a great time. Unfortunately, something happened to the people who were organizing the conferences and everything went down hill for a couple of years. The group was reorganized under the new name of Public Safety Writers Association and a new board of directors.

We've now had three conferences in Las Vegas and the fourth is almost here. All the conferences have been small, but this year we doubled our numbers. We're still small, but we have outstanding presenters and people attending.

I'm looking forward to this one with real enthusiasm. Of course there will be snafus, there always are one or two--but I don't think it's going to matter.

It's easier to go to a conference when you aren't responsible for anything but getting there and maybe appearing on a panel or two. With this one, I'm responsible for a lot, but I'm not going to let that keep me from having the best darn time possible.

I'll give a full report when I get home. The first panel consisting of people in law enforcement and a lawyer is what bugs people the most about errors in books, movies and TV. That's going to be fun. We also have two forensic experts, the fabulous Betty Webb is giving a talk on what turns editors and agents off--as well as a keynote speech about her two mystery series. Joyce Spizer Foy is going to tell us how to go from book to celluloid. And of course we're got a panel with editors and a publisher, as well as one on promotion. There's more--but that's enough to pique your curiosity.

See you in a couple of weeks.

a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I would like to hear that panel on what bugs people about the errors in books. I hope you let us know what they say. Enjoy.


F. M. Meredith, author said...

I will be taking notes--have a feeling it will be a funny panel with all the experts that are on it.