Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog Book Tour Stops

Hi Gang,
I'm on my Killer Career Blog Book Tour through the 30th, maybe longer, since I have a few other offers to consider.

So far, my hosts have left my posts displayed prominently, so if you'd liked to check them out, here are the links: - STILL UP FROM LAST WEEK - Villains and Heroes - Gotta Love 'Em - host Mary Welk - SUNDAY'S POST - ALL WEEK STOP - Interview, plus 2nd part coming this week. Topic - How I Named My Baby - host Mary Cunningham - MONDAY - Libraries - are they good or bad for sales? - host Jeff Marks - TUESDAY - Interview - Host Hagelrat - I can't divulge her actual name. I have that top secret information, but you'd have to torture me to get it. Maybe you can do detective work to find out. Stop in to read what she skillfully got me to tell.

For more tour stops, consult
for more tour stops

For information on prizes, yes there are prizes, consult

If there is any confusion, reporting back to me that you commented goes to for the contest, but, as always, you're welcome to comment here as well. We love comments on our blogs.

I hope to see some of you at a stop or two.

Morgan Mandel

1 comment:

Earl Staggs said...

Morgan, you're knocking 'em dead on your blog tour. Best wishes for continued success.