Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Official

Okay, it’s official – we need a nanny! I always thought it would be great to have someone to take care of us, but I tell you, it’s could actually be more a necessity than a luxury these days. We grew up believing that by now we’d have four-day work weeks, people would retire earlier and what-the-hay, there might even be flying cars!!

Well, reality strikes. We work six to seven days a week. Often my husband and I are both at our desks in the evening (we’ve converted one side of the family room to a joint office) and hard at work. At least we’re together – LOL! It’s really quite cozy on a winter evening with the gas fireplace going and some music playing.
But just imagine -- how nice would it be to have someone call out, “Dinner is ready!” and you head to the table to enjoy a balanced meal, including a salad and dessert, with real linen napkins and a glass of wine?

Each morning when you go to your sock drawer, there would be all your socks, matched and waiting for you to simply pick a pair and slip them on. No looking for that missing blue sock so you have a pair that matches to wear. No stacks of laundry waiting to be washed, folded – or, as is the case with me, taken out of the basket and put into the drawers. Can you imagine a coffee table with no dust, a floor freshly washed, windows so clean they sparkle?

It’s important to have dreams – anyone know of a good nanny looking for a gig?

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Hagelrat said...

I've told Mark that when he earns more he is signing us up to a laundry service. lol

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Hey, when you find one, let me know! I could use one for my kids and one for me!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Earl Staggs said...

Libby, if you find such a nanny, please clone her and pass her around.

F. M. Meredith, author said...

What a wonderful idea!

I do pay a grandson who is out of work right now to clean house for me. He used to do it when he was a kid living with me and always did a great job.

When my son is home from his truck driving job, I always con him into barbecuing.

When I can, I get hubby to do the grocery shopping, of course he always spends way more money than I do. (He is retired, so what else is there for him to do? That was a big tongue in cheek, because he always has projects that need to be done around our old falling down house.)

A nanny would be good. Or how about a personal assistant that you could just give a list to every morning?


Morgan Mandel said...

We would have to have a live-in nanny,since as soon as things get cleaned, they get messy at our house. Laundry - It's a miracle if the socks match coming out of the dryer, much less later. I've given up. I know the secret is to buy all socks that are the same. I just have to put that into practice.

Morgan Mandel

Cat Connor said...

Even buying socks all the same color doesn't help - or it doesn't in our house. Who knew black had so many shades, especially then they were supposed to be the SAME...that only become apparent in the washing/drying process. LOL

I have phases when I'm totally on to it. Fantastic dinners cooked every night, laundry done, etc etc. Even the kids clean and organised AND I still get my work done.
Then there are the more normal days/weeks and I start wondering why there aren't 'retirement' type villages for my age group - minus the post-war sing-a-longs. :-)

Put me down for a nanny and housekeeper!!