Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ordinary Sounds by Morgan Mandel

Going on midnight, I'm typing away at the computer, with the dog and DH already fast asleep. I hear a loud sound in the direction of the kitchen. My heart pounds. Then I identify the noise as the ice maker dropping ice into the refrigerator's ice bin.

I can be under the covers and hear faint knocking sounds. What is it? It turns out to be the furnace causing the warm air to blow through the vents.

Those are innocuous explanations for ordinary sounds. Now, what if I heard one of the doors creaking at night when the DH is already inside with me? That sound would make me want to grab my cell phone and call 911.

Can you name other ordinary sounds that can become menacing under certain circumstances? Or, maybe you've used one in a book.

Morgan Mandel
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Helen Ginger said...

Any sound when you're alone and it's dark is menacing. It makes your heart race and your brain freeze.

Straight From Hel

Kim Smith said...

We've just had an ice storm here and there is nothing quite like hearing the gunshot pop sound of breaking tree limbs in the dead of night!